4 essential oils to boost your confidence

Did you know that some essential oils could help increase your confidence in yourself? All you need is some drops of one of them in a tissue, to smell, and now you’re full of courage to exceed the maximum Stressful challenges!

Green myrtle

This essential oil originates from Morocco, Corsica and the Balkans. It comes from a small tree whose perfume is slightly camphorated. This strong smell is actually what gives trust Y reduce tea small moments of depression.

True laurel

This little essential oil Marvel helps you tackle the important moments while keeping your head up! It allows you standing out in essential periods for channeling your energy Y increasing your confidence in yourself.

Black pepper

Give yourself a whip with black pepper essential oil. Returns you the force You need to take action. In addition, this oil helps you keep the flame alive in your partner since it is aphrodisiac. You can also use it to Cooking mixing it with melted chocolate, for example.

Winter savory

Called “devil’s weed“In the Middle Ages for its aphrodisiac virtues, is essential oil invigorates the body and mind. Also helps relieve intellectual fatigue. It is ideal during exams! In addition, the winter salty essential oil fights infections while keeping the digestive Y respiratory viruses during seasonal changes.

Thesis 4 essential oils they are magical regarding their virtues. Make sure you get them through all the major challenges. But don’t forget that the important thing is to believe in yourself.

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