2021 USPS Forever Stamps will display stunning photos from NASA Sun

NASA has taken an amazing array of sun images showing our stars in a variety of light, using contrast and color to display coronal rings, sunspots, coronal holes, plasma explosions, solar flares and more. A selection of these images, each showing different solar phenomena, comes to the USPS in the form of new Forever stamps.

The US Postal Service unveiled 20 new Forever stamps showing images to NASA on January 15th. The stamps are part of the Sun Science series, to me The space agency, which says the images were taken with the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).

The new Forever stamps will be presented in a set of 20 stamps with a total of 10 images from NASA, each showing the aforementioned common solar events taking place. Images vary in color due to the different wavelengths of light observed, including ultraviolet rays, intense UV rays, and visible light.

NASA Forever Stamps are joining other new stamp designs USPS I will present This year, including the “Barns” series featuring different barn designs, the Castillo de San Marcos design on a $ 7.95 high priority postage stamp, and an additional 20-cent stamp that features a brush bunny.

Forever stamps differ from these other stamps because they are non-denominational, meaning that they can be used “forever” as first-class postage stamps regardless of whether the postal rate increases after their purchase. It would not be the first time that NASA had its USPS Forever Stamp images; Back in 2019, for example, the Postal Service released “ First Moon Landing ” stamps forever showing the moon and an astronaut photograph showing Buzz Aldrin.

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