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HFSP announces 28 research grants to start in 2021, chosen due to the excellent quality of the research. HFSP research grant teams are investigating frontier issues such as the role that feathers play in bird flight, voice communication in mosquitoes, the evolution of neural networks in blind cavefishes or how optical membranes might adapt to climate change.

The Science International Human Frontiers Program Organization (HFSPO) today announced US $ 33 million to support the top 4% of HFSP’s research grant applications over the next three years. The 28 winning teams in the 2021 Research Grants competition went through a rigorous year-long selection process in a global competition that began with 709 letters of intent in advance in which scientists participated with their laboratories in more than 50 different countries. This year, 7 research scholarships – early career and 21 research scholarships – were selected for funding. Each team member receives an average of $ 110,000 – $ 125,000 per year.

HFSP’s Collaborative Research Grants are awarded to a wide range of projects under the theme “Complex Mechanisms of Organisms”. The program funds high-end and risky projects and is the only program that supports international teams of scientists with laboratories in different countries. The HFSP Scholarships appeals to the innovative and creative potential of research teams. HFSP Research Grants – Early Positions are for applicants within 5 years of establishing an independent research group and no more than 10 years of a PhD.


The 2021 HFSP investigators demonstrate remarkable depth of approach and innovative thinking as they begin their collaboration across continents. Lists of all 2021 HFSP Awards are available at http: // www.hfsp.Deer /Winners /Newly awarded.

Human Frontier Science is an international research support program implemented by the Human Frontier Sciences International Program (HFSPO) organization based in Strasbourg, France. Its goals are to foster intercontinental collaboration and to train in cutting edge interdisciplinary research focusing on the life sciences. HFSPO receives financial support from governments or research boards in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, as well as from the European Union.

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