15 people indicted by the US justice

Following the intrusion into the Capitol, the seat of the US Parliament, and the violence committed there, Fifteen people were charged, including the man photographed in the office of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who was arrested the morning of Jan. 8, the Justice Department said. “We are in a position to announce fifteen federal indictments,” Ken Kohl of the US attorney’s office in Washington said in a briefing.

Among those processed are a man who had eleven highly flammable Molotov cocktails in a vehicle parked near Congress, another that struck a Capitol cop forcing his way through and a third entered Congress with a loaded gun, he said.

The one whose photograph has gone around the world, Richard Barnett, who broke into the offices of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, where he posed for the cameras before leaving an insulting message, was arrested in Little Rock in Arkansas and charged with “violent intrusion” in Congress, in particular, according to Ken Kohl.

Hundreds of agents, 24 hours a day

There will be more arrests and indictments, he promised. “We literally have hundreds of attorneys and agents working from three command centers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, “added the manager.

Hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump have wreaked havoc, Wednesday, January 6 in Washington, as they forced entry into the Capitol as elected officials recorded the results of the November 3 presidential election, won by Democrat Joe Biden.

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