13 dead in accident between a heavy truck and an overloaded van

A spectacular collision between an overloaded vehicle and a heavy vehicle. left 13 dead and many injured, Tuesday morning, March 2, in southern California, United States. One of the vehicles, a pickup truck, was carrying more than 20 passengers. The circumstances of this terrible accident are currently unknown.. The number of victims has been revised slightly downwards: at least 15 victims had been previously announced by the El Centro medical center.

“There were 25 people in the Ford Expedition, including the driver. Unfortunately, twelve of the occupants, including the driver,” died at the scene of the accident “and another person died from their injuries after being transferred to the hospital, “said Omar Watson, head of the local police force, at a news conference.

At least six other people were admitted to the emergency room, reports the El Centro medical center. Finally, at least five other crash victims were evacuated by helicopter to other hospitals in the region, added Judy Cruz, emergency chief, during an online news point.

Jack Sánchez, a member of the California Highway Patrol, questioned by USA Today, explained that the SUV involved in the accident is a Ford Expedition. According to the manufacturer’s website, this model can accommodate a maximum of eight passengers. In the truck, the driver suffered “multiple injuries,” traffic police said. An investigation was opened to clarify and determine the causes of the accident.

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