$ 100,000 to find a terrorist in Washington

This is news that has gone unnoticed in the United States and with good reason, it intervened at the time of the incidents on Capitol Hill on January 6. An individual had planted two homemade bombs in Washington the day before., and the FBI absolutely wants to find him and just sped up. Thus, since Tuesday, March 9, a reward of $ 100,000 is offered to anyone who provides credible information that leads to their arrest.

To do this, the Federal Bureau of Investigation published 4 videos from surveillance cameras. We see a man of average height. You probably know that it can be filmed because his face is hidden by a hood, a mask, and glasses. He even wears gloves. We see it check the inside of your backpack, then stop by the Democratic and Republican party seats, near the Capitol. Where homemade bombs were found.

Of course, he is the prime suspect, but for now the FBI appears to be at a standstill. And it is to get out of this impasse that the FBI is asking the public for help. The researchers are based on 2 elements: first, your shoes. They are very identifiable, Nike brand shoes, with a yellow stripe. Second element (less specific): its approach.

A closer look approach

In one of the videos we see him walking down an alley for a few seconds. One of the FBI officials, during a press conference, urges everyone to be vigilant: “Look at these shoes, look at this step. And ask yourself if in your circle, among your colleagues, or people you meet every day : in the neighborhood, the shops … Ask yourself if these shoes or this approach remind you of someone ”, he describes.

This FBI official also showed a photo of a timer, such as a kitchen timer, that could have been used as a trigger.

Another element, the researchers ask everyone to observe in their entourage, a change in behavior in the last two months. If someone is talking about the events of January 6 in a strange way. With $ 100,000 in rewards, there will be calls. It will need to be fixed.

A distraction to attract the police?

These bombs never exploded. At first glance, he was not so professional. And it is mysterious, because the FBI specifies that the device was effective, that there would be could go off and kill multiple people. Didn’t it explode by mistake or a malfunction? Or because it was a decoy? The question remains open.

Because over the weeks, it seems that the assault on the Capitol was far from spontaneous. Investigators wonder if the bomb was intended to attracting police forces to reduce their numbers to protect the Capitol.

This is the aim of this appeal to the public. Find out how closely these two bombs are linked to the events of January 6, which caused the death of 5 people. In any case, specialists believe that this type of call for witnesses greatly increases the chances of finding people.

Before we go, a return to Monday’s column on the interview with Meghan and Harry: I mentioned scores close to the Superbowl (96 million), we had to hear world scores (USA, England, Commonwealth …).

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