10 fat burning foods to lose weight

What is a fat burning food?

It is important to know how to eat well so that our body can digest food in the best conditions. Some foods are harder to digest, requiring more energy during digestion. In order not to ingest more calories than necessary, it is advisable to prefer proteins to carbohydrates and fats.

In fact, there are foods that allow you to eat three times a day while burning calories. If possible ! These foods are called ” fat burning foods “These are generally:

  • Low calorie foods: they provide little energy to the body, but they have a great impact on the feeling of hunger.
  • Foods rich in fiber: they are rich in pectin, a hormone that helps regulate appetite and eliminate fat.
  • Foods with active molecules: these molecules help in the elimination of fats and facilitate digestion.

Fat Burning Foods

What are the fat burning foods to promote?

These are foods that contain antioxidants, fat-burning capsaicin, or glucosinolates that track fats to adipocytes (fat cells). All in all, they awaken enzymes that break down fat and activate metabolism after eating. Come discover them!


Eggplant absorbs fat, which reduces the amounts that our body absorbs. It is the champion of its category, to integrate into your diets!

The Apple

Apple is also an excellent appetite suppressant that can perfectly replace snacking throughout the day. Taste the mix dried cinnamon apples in bulk!

Green vegetables (especially celery and zucchini)

Rich in vitamins and water, but low in carbohydrates, green vegetables are your allies in your quest for a flat stomach and chocolate bars.


A refreshing fruit packed with vitamin C, which will be favored to benefit from its antioxidant properties. It is a good food to lose weight!


Perfect for fighting cellulite, pineapple allows you to improve your rhythm. In addition, it is very rich in vitamins, enough to give you all the encouragement you need to face long days of diet.

The lemon

Especially in the morning and on an empty stomach, lemon is an excellent degreaser. In the citrus category, it is the most recommended, although its clementine, orange and grapefruit colleagues also have a low fat index, little sugar and pectins, real fat and sugar traps. You can also squeeze it and mix it with hot water for a great breakfast drink.

Fat Burning Foods

The coffee

Coffee is a great stimulant. Of course, it should not be abused, but coffee allows you to activate your entire body. Otherwise, some teas allow you to avoid coffee if you wish (for example, matcha tea).


Perfect to replace sugar in your desserts, cinnamon helps you reduce your carbohydrate intake. It is also a very interesting natural antioxidant.

The vinegar

Despite its bitter taste, vinegar helps keep you in shape. Some flavors of the latter actually help burn fat.


Chili can make you see all the colors. Just try a Mexican chili to catch heat waves and sweat! That is why chili can contribute to our weight loss, it is an excellent fat burning food. However, spicy products should not be abused so as not to interrupt their transit and avoid heartburn.

Green Tea

Soothing and relaxing, green tea also plays a role in weight loss. It has countless benefits. Even if it’s not about shedding a few pounds, a cup of green tea does a lot of good!

Oat bran

Oat bran activates the transit and strengthens the digestion mechanism. Perfect for removing excess fat.

Foods to avoid

Eating a fat burning food is not enough if you want to lose weight or lose a few pounds. Obviously! It is not about eating foods full of calories. The effects of fat burning foods will not be seen at all. So here are the ones to avoid at all costs:

Sauces and Oils

It is obvious that sauces and oils should be crossed off the list. They are certainly delicious and allow to decorate dishes, but they also contain a lot of fat.

Fried and breadcrumbs

Breading and frying is a very popular and undoubtedly interesting cooking method. However, this changes the nutritional quality of a food and fills it with fat from the oil.

Cakes and creams

Butter, flour, cream, eggs… So much fat and carbohydrates in these little treats, but it’s hard to resist. But they contain a lot of calories. So, do your best and avoid them!

What habits to take to avoid storing fat?

It’s not about letting all your efforts go down the drain, is it? In addition to the foods that you will prohibit on your menu, to avoid accumulating too much fat, you will need:

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