1 billion francs to detect asymptomatic cases

Switzerland has said it is willing to unlock 1 billion francs, or around 930 million euros, to facilitate the detection of asymptomatic cases. The country estimates that the latter are responsible for the majority of Covid-19 infections.

“It is estimated that more than half of Covid-19 contamination is caused by asymptomatic people, who therefore do not know that they are infected,” said the Swiss government, specifying that it will now bear the cost of these rapid tests. The purpose of this measure is better protect vulnerable people and combat local sources of infection as soon as possiblethe government said in a statement.

By mid-December, the Confederation had already authorized the screening of asymptomatic people as part of protection plans, that is, in social medicine establishments, hotels or at work, for example. “To strengthen this practice, will now cover the cost of these tests, which can be carried out on site by the staff themselves, ”the statement read.

About 8,500 deaths

If the rapid test result is positive, the person must perform a PCR test. The result of the latter then it will have to be declared. This expanded detection strategy should also allow the identification and containment of local foci of infection, especially in schools.

If Switzerland is taking such measures, it is because the spread of the new variants in the country worries the authorities. Indeed, 10% of the positive cases registered in the country are now linked to the English variant, twice more than the previous week, alerted the Minister of Health, Alain Berset.

Switzerland and its 8.6 million inhabitants were severely affected by the second wave of the epidemic in late 2020. The Alpine country regrets some 8,500 dead linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

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